Tuesday, 19 July 2016

JSPL, Hotel Leela, Upper Ganges, JP Power, PVR & Dabur News with Intraday Calls

JSPL has got approval from the shareholders to sell the 1000 megawatt power plant. Also got approval to sell the 920 megawatt captive power plant. Company stocks is trading with the hike of 2.54% and may rise higher today. Delhi High Court has given 15 days ultimatum to the Hotel Leela in the case of Airport Authority. Now the company will appeal the case in High Court division bench. JSW Energy will acquire the Bina Thermal plant of JP Power Ventures. The deal of 500 megawatt Bina Thermal plant is expected to be in 2700 crore rupees. JP Power stocks took a big jump of 8% after the news. JSW Energy s also trading with the hike of 2% today. According to experts investing here can give profitable returns. Rajnikant's movie Kabbali is going to be released on 22 july and PVR is the multiplex partner of Rajnikant's movie Kabbali. Definitely the PVR stocks will trend high in upcoming days. Dabur has bought the 100% stakes in South Africa's Diskaria Trading. After a big jump in the morning the Dabur's stock is currently trading with the loss of 0.14%. The Share holders of Upper Ganges Sugar has approved the Scheme of Arrangement between the company and Oudh Sugar. Upper Ganges Sugar's stock is currently trading with the lead of 3.23% after the announcement.  

Buy JPSL above: 11.59 Targets: 11.66 --- 11.73 --- 11.80 Stoploss : 11.51
Buy Hotel Leela  above: 18.73 Targets: 18.82 --- 18.91 --- 19.00 Stoploss : 18.64
Buy JP Power above: 6.52 Targets: 6.53 --- 6.54 --- 6.55 Stoploss : 6.51
Buy PVR above: 1049.7 Targets: 1057.30 --- 1065.44 --- 1073.61 Stoploss : 1041.62
Sell Dabur below: 308.94 Targets: 304.71 --- 300.36 --- 296.05  Stoploss : 313.35
Buy Upper Ganges Sugar above: 471.39 Targets: 476.60 --- 482.07 --- 487.57  Stoploss : 465.98

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Shree Ram EPC, Coal India, Rico Auto, Edelweiss, Greaves Cotton, Igarshi Motors Stock News and Intraday Calls

Shree Ram EPC will convert the debt of 1280 crore rupees into equity. It will issue the the preferential share of 265 crore to the holding company SVL. This good news made a big positive impact to the stock of Shree Ram EPC and the company stock is currently trading with the hike of 11.37%. Coal India has got approval from the board the buy back the company's shares. The Government has approved the buy back of 25% of the capital, through which the Government will raise 3000-3500 crore rupees. The foundation of Bhiwadi Plant of Rico Auto has been laid today and the commercial production will be be start from 2017. Rico Auto have gained 5.59% in the morning session. Edelweiss has got IRDA approval for the general insurance companies. Edelweiss stock jumped by 3% after this announcement. Greaves Cotton has entered into a multi-brand spare business. The company will manufacture spare parts of 3-wheeler. Igarshi Motors will sell the 10.35% stakes through OFS and the floor price will be 650 rupees per share.

Buy Shree Ram EPC above: 28.44 Targets: 28.54 --- 28.65 --- 28.76 Stoploss : 28.33
Sell Coal India below: 315.06 Targets: 310.80 --- 306.40 --- 302.04 Stoploss : 319.52
Buy Rico Auto above: 44.31 Targets: 44.42 --- 44.56 --- 44.70  Stoploss : 44.17
Buy Edelweiss above: 80.81 Targets: 80.96 --- 81.15 --- 81.33  Stoploss : 80.63
Buy Greaves Cotton above: 144.00 Targets: 146.94 --- 149.99 --- 153.06  Stoploss : 141.02

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

IFCI, JP Cement, Infibeam, SCI Market News & Intraday Trading Tips

IFCI has sold 2.25 lakh shares in NSE in the rate of 3950 rupees per share. On April 2014, the company's board has already given the approval to sell 2.5% stakes.  
The board of UltraTech has given the approval to buy the Cement Business. Now, UltraTech Cement will buy the JP Cement's plant having capacity of 21.2 MTPA. This deal will be executed with the enterprise value of 16189 crore rupees. After this deal, JP Associates Stock took a big jump of 32% today. 
Infibeam has mad a deal with Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation for Amul. For which Infibeam will avail the Online E commerce and Mobile Platform.
The price of Non Urea Fertilizers has been deducted by 5000 rupees per ton, which will affect the shares of fertilizer companies. 
The Shipping Corporation of India will expand the fleet of expenses with 1000 crore rupees and the company will also start the shipment to Iran. 

Sell IFCI Bank below: 27.67 Targets: 27.58 --- 27.47 --- 27.36 Stoploss : 27.78
Buy JP Associates above: 11.89 Targets: 11.95 --- 12.03 --- 12.10 Stoploss : 11.82
Buy Infibeam Corp above: 702.25 Targets: 708.54 --- 715.20 --- 721.90 Stoploss : 695.64
Sell Chambal Fertilizers below: 68.75 Targets: 68.61 --- 68.44 --- 68.27 Stoploss : 68.92
Sell NFL below: 35.38 Targets: 35.27 --- 35.15 --- 35.02 Stoploss : 35.50
Buy at / above: 68.92 Targets: 69.06 --- 69.24 --- 69.41 --- 69.58 Stoploss : 68.75

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Morning News Updates with Intraday Stock Tips

Gujarat Gas has won the auction for the PNG Supply in Ahemdabad and now the company will give the new PNG Connection to the 2 lakh houses in 22 villages. This good news gave a surprise hike to the Gujarat Gas's stock and the company is currently trading with the hike of 7.39%. The 7th Pay Commission Report might get the approval tomorrow, which may increase the selling of two wheeler vehicles. Companies like Hero Moto and TVS Motors may have big movements in upcoming days. Hotel Leela is planning to sell the Banjara hills based 3.8 acre land in Hyderabad. This land selling will collect 150 crore rupees for the company and that will help to reduce the company's debt 4500 crore rupees. The company's stock is currently trading with the hike of 3.70% and may rise high today. Prime Minister Modi has given hope for the approval of GST. Logistics companies like GATI, Snowman and VRL Logistics will get be benefit from the approval. Due to the Brexit, the Brexit has been dropped widely which is not a good news for Aviation industries, as it will increase the price of Jet fuel oil. Even though the companies are trading with positive points. According to our experts the Indian market seems to give a positive feed back today -

Buy Gujarat Gas above: 564.06 Targets: 569.73 --- 575.71 --- 581.72  Stoploss : 558.14
Buy TVS Motors above: 301.89 Targets: 306.10 --- 310.49 --- 314.90  Stoploss : 297.56
Buy Hero Moto above: 3066.39 Targets: 3078.71 --- 3092.59 --- 3106.51 Stoploss : 3052.56
Buy Hotel Leela above: 18.33 Targets: 18.41 --- 18.50 --- 18.59 Stoploss : 18.24
Buy Gati above: 172.27 Targets: 175.47 --- 178.80 --- 182.16  Stoploss : 169.00
Buy Snowman above: 80.63 Targets: 80.77 --- 80.96 --- 81.15 Stoploss : 80.44
Buy VRL Logistics above: 315.06 Targets: 319.36 --- 323.84 --- 328.35 --- 332.90 Stoploss : 310.64

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Indian Stock Market Under Pressure, Small Mid Cap Rising Banking Down

After a surprising performance on week's first trading session, the Indian Stock Market seems under pressure and dealing low, while the Small Cap and Mid Cap sectors are rising high today. Along with the Capital Goods & Fmcg, the Banking Sectors are trading poorly, while Auto Sectors are higly paced up. Sensex is currently trading at 2680.46 with the loss of 65.46 points and Nifty is trading at 8216.25 with the loss of 22.25 points. As per the Global cues there are big chances that the Indian Market may recover the early loss in the noon session.  

Cancer causing agent Potassium Bromate has been found in the Bread, so the Government has banned the use of Potassium Bromate. Bread manufacturing companies like Jubilant Food and Britania Industries have been moving down after the announcement. CCI has approved the deal of Black Stone with Mphasis. As per the deal Black Stone will buy the 50% stakes of HP in Mphasis. This news gave a big hike of 1.48% to Mphasis's stock. The Initial Public Offering of Mahanagar Gas will be open today. The company has collected 309 crore rupees from the anchor investors. Indraprastha Gas and Gail India have received positive impact today. GOL Offshore has got approval from share holders to to convert the debt into equities. The company is currently trading up with the hike of 3.98%. In May month, the domestic air travel has been increased by 22%. This news will definitely benefit the Airlines companies.

Sell Jubilant Food below: 1056.25   Targets: 1048.66 --- 1040.58 --- 1032.53 ---Stoploss : 1064.39
Sell Britania Industries below: 2575.56   Targets: 2564.17 --- 2551.53 --- 2538.91Stoploss : 2588.27
Buy Mphasis above: 546.39   Targets: 551.97 --- 557.86 --- 563.78 Stoploss : 540.56
Buy Gail India above: 390.06   Targets: 394.82 --- 399.80 --- 404.81 Stoploss : 385.14
Buy indraprastha Gas above: 625.00   Targets: 630.95 --- 637.24 --- 643.57Stoploss : 618.77
Buy GOL Offshore above: 45.70   Targets: 45.82 --- 45.96 --- 46.10 --- 46.25Stoploss : 45.56